The project

Plasma Studii was a project that was committed to fostering arts that unite historically distinct cultures. It was in particular hearing and deaf individuals who, often by necessity, reside exclusively within highly exclusionary autonomous aesthetic worlds. Far from a matter of discrimination from either, both groups engage in extremely distinct modes of artistic communication, act as opposing methodologies and reject the other equally.

The Project Plasma Studii has incorporated technology as a tool to integrate arbitrarily differentiated creative disciplines, such as computer art, dance, music, installations in galleries, theatrical performance, web art, animation... thereby it has integrated multimedia and these varying disciplines to present artistic impact for a wider range of sensory input and culturally directed audiences.


Innovative use of computers has offered a way to meld traditionally exclusive methods of artistic expression, and thus these societies. To had accomplished this, the plasmastudii project has functioned in both a public educational role to bring together otherwise isolated cultures, and an administrative capacity to facilitate artists and directors in producing works that achieve these unifying goals.




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A painting can depict of a striking image and film can capture a striking changes in light sources.

However, in responding to reactions interactive art design USES these sensory stimuli, rather than IS them.

The computer is unique for allowing active communication with the artwork, rather than limiting art to traditional expectations, to passively observe visual or audio representation, to fundamentally affix art to the illusion of time.

Like the paintbrush or tripod, every machine is merely a TOOL, as expressive as the artists skill allows.